Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Smell like BE

Im smiling because I smell beautiful.
Try out my mix.

Honey Sweet Heart from Bath and Body Works($12)
Fabulous body lotion from Victoria Secret($24)
Tease Body Mist Victoria Secret($10)
Fantasy Perfume by Brittany Spears ($20-$60 depending on bottle size)


Jacket Fash In My Closet

I love my two fashion jackets, they are key pieces for me to enhance my basic colours with some funk and flavour when I feel an outfit is to simple I these kind of pieces to complete the outfit.

my cheetah print zip up jacket from H&M
great find originally $59.00 purchased for $20.00 looks chic is nice and light for these summer nights.
Had my eye on this piece for a month before I bought it, but I have loved it from the first time I saw it. Black Letterman jacket with black and gold sparkle sleeves, from Pink by Victoria Secret originally $150.00 purchased for $80.00 on sale. Its my tomboy side inspired me to want a letterman jacket and my girly side made me love to combine the look with a little sparkle! 

Redlips only accent bold looks for the better!

SHOPPING TIP. (if your on a budget)

If you see something, you love it, want to buy but it is unaffordable just WAIT.
I guarantee you it will get marked down and eventually you can buy it cheaper and if it gets sold out Im sure you will find something similar or better somewhere else. 


If your in the toronto area check out my good friends boot camps.
Its cheap, fun and is a bootcamp you can't miss this 2013 summer.
Guarenteed results working with the best, Follow the Facebook page for more information.

Also check out Tommoy Europe's Facebook fan page and twitter for the fitness tips, exercise's and top fitness advice!

You can also buy his book, trust me it works and you have nothing to lose only positive things to gain.

QueenBE. xo

Tuesday, 25 June 2013



QueenBE IS...

First name Bianca, last name Europe but you can get to know me as QueenBE.

Dance is my soul, everything I do is inspired by my movement when I'm living on the dance floor. The costumes motivate my fashion choices, the hair and make up taught me everything I know and how much more I intend to learn. The music is like my heartbeat that never leaves me music is the fuel to me staying on top of my fitness. Dance will always be my passion and the root of my motives.  Currently Im student majoring in Fashion, follow me for some outfit idea's, tips, and concepts that can inspire how you dress daily. I got the rundown on fashion, health, fitness and beauty. 

I'll be revealing my secrets on how to get soft skin, keep a clear face, and what you need to keep your body toned for the summer. I'll let you in on the top affordable makeup lines I use, any products and clothing lines worth recommending and for all my ladies that like to have fun with their hair I'll forward my links on extensions, hair care lines, and the best hair dresser qualities to look for when changing your do.

Since I strongly feel and know that health and beauty go together like salt and pepper if you want to look beautiful you have to start by feeling beautiful. The first thing I want to do is help my readers feel the way they should at the start of every morning. It is a proven fact that exercise in the morning keeps you more energetic in the day and will automatically be in a positive mind set. 

Gym Member or not, everything can be done at home, the following exercise's will take you 15-30 minutes depending on how many reps you decide and remember do not ever push yourself through anything painful choose level 1 or 2 according to your current fitness level (and if you are at a level 1 fitness level for these excercises use that as motivation to be at level 2 within 2-3 weeks). 


1st You MUST stretch
start with your neck circling slowly 4 to the right, and 4 to the left 
circle your shoulders forwards 5 times and backwards 5 times
side stretch to the left and right for 10 "Mississippi" seconds 
stretch forward while standing to touch your toes for 15 "Mississippi" seconds 
lunge stretch both right and left side
Do not hesitate to continue if you feel for more

Level 1  
 (if you have stairs run them 2xs)
15jumping jacks 
15 knee high runs 
10 crunches 
15 burpees
15 squats ( get as low as possible)

2xReps if you can, if not tomorrow this may be an attainable goal

Level 2 
(if you have stairs run them 5xs)

30jumping jacks 
30knee high runs 
30 crunches 
20 burpees
40 crunches
20 pushups
20 squats  (GET LOW!)

2xReps with a 2minutes break in-between, do not sit on this break keep your rate up

TIP: If you feel like you cannot decide if level 1 or 2 suits you best but would like to do 2 reps 
start with one 1 rep of Level 1 and finish with level 2 as your second rep

I GUARENTEE starting your day this way will get your brain going in the right direction, you will feel  the energy and can keep it up by taking your health choices into account through your day. 

After I work out in the morning I enjoy a 
handful of frozen mango's (substitute mangos for any fruit or vegetable you prefer) 
cup of orange juice
tablespoon of Greek Yogurt
2 teaspoons of Whey Vanilla Protien Powder 

Blend together and you have your very own Booster Juice that will keep you filled until your ready for a breakfast meal. Now drink your water and have a blessed beautiful day. 

Hope you feel the beauty, this is the kind you can't buy
until next time!