Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Jacket Fash In My Closet

I love my two fashion jackets, they are key pieces for me to enhance my basic colours with some funk and flavour when I feel an outfit is to simple I these kind of pieces to complete the outfit.

my cheetah print zip up jacket from H&M
great find originally $59.00 purchased for $20.00 looks chic is nice and light for these summer nights.
Had my eye on this piece for a month before I bought it, but I have loved it from the first time I saw it. Black Letterman jacket with black and gold sparkle sleeves, from Pink by Victoria Secret originally $150.00 purchased for $80.00 on sale. Its my tomboy side inspired me to want a letterman jacket and my girly side made me love to combine the look with a little sparkle! 

Redlips only accent bold looks for the better!

SHOPPING TIP. (if your on a budget)

If you see something, you love it, want to buy but it is unaffordable just WAIT.
I guarantee you it will get marked down and eventually you can buy it cheaper and if it gets sold out Im sure you will find something similar or better somewhere else. 

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